Microsoft OneNote 16.66.1 For Windows 10 Free Download

Microsoft OneNote

What is Microsoft OneNote?  A free digital note-taking tool called Microsoft OneNote can be used for information collection and teamwork. This program has note-taking, voice recording, screenshots, and other capabilities. Via the Internet, users can communicate with one another via messages. A program from the Microsoft Office family, this one. The OneNote app for Windows … Read more

Free Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 with Product Key for Windows

What is MS Office Professional Plus 2010? Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Product Key is a collection of programs made to increase productivity and carry out typical operations on a computer. You can make presentations and posters, deal with data in databases and spreadsheets, and create and edit documents with text and images.  Key Features  … Read more

Imesh Free Download for Windows

Imesh Free Download

What is Imesh? Users can download music and video files to their computers using the innovative Imesh free download program. Additionally, it enables sharing of content within the client itself by other users. In addition to serving as a download manager, this software also functions as a P2P client. Even though that is great, it … Read more

EditPlus Download Text Editor 5.6.4 Free Download For Windows

EditPlus Download

What is EditPlus? For Windows, EditPlus Download includes text editors, HTML editors, PHP editors, Java editors, and Hex Viewers. It can replace Notepad well, but it also has a tonne of other useful capabilities for programmers and web designers. By default, EditPlus supports HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, and VBScript syntax highlighting … Read more

DirectX 12x download 64 bits Free Download for Windows

DirectX 12x download 64 bits

What is DirectX 12? Microsoft DirectX 12x Download 64 bits is a collection of technologies made to make Windows-based computers the perfect platform for running and displaying multimedia applications with full-color visuals, video, 3D animation, and rich audio. Applications employing the DirectX APIs can utilize DirectX 12’s many new capabilities across all technologies, along with … Read more

CorelDRAW Free Download for Windows 7

CorelDRAW Free Download for Windows 7

What is CorelDRAW? A reputable tool for working with vector drawings is CorelDRAW Free Download for Windows 7. When designing logos for booklets and other printed items, the application is employed. It is possible to format and work with fonts, and you can put them anywhere in the layout. You can design interiors and landscapes, … Read more