Download Obs Studio Windows 7 Free

OBS Studio is a fantastic and useful tool. It is used to record audio and video for online live streaming. a straightforward app made for new users, gamers, and developers. Additionally, artists make use of its usability by using online courses and live broadcasts. a number of streaming services, including CyberGame, DailyMotion, Twitch Client, and YouTube Studio. On the software, you can access Cash Play, Hitbox, and many other features. Obs Studio Windows 7 download is available on our website.

Key Features

Unlimited Sources & Scenes

OBS (open broadcasting software) (open broadcaster software) You may control the flawless switching of an infinite number of scenes with the use of custom transitions. There are also numerous flashing filters for chroma, color correction, and masking.

Natural Audio Mixer

the source-specific filters, such as noise suppression and noise gating. Additionally, the audio mixer has gain controls to change the volume of inputs. VST plugin enables complete control.

Options for Configuration

The Streamlined Settings panel provides access to several setup choices. In order to manually adjust and modify any aspect of the movie, click “Apply Setting.” You can clone a current source, add new ones, and change their characteristics all at once using OBS Download.

Individualized Transition

You may build polished video projects with configurable transitions. by setting up hotkeys for any kind of action. such as pausing or resuming streaming between scenes, activating push-to-talk, muffling audio sources, and many other things.

Modular Dock

The layout can be modified using the Modular Dock interface. Each Dock has a window through which it can be removed. In addition, it’s simple to design a fully unique setup that meets your requirements.

Studio Mode

Users of Studio Mode can compare and edit transitions with just a few clicks. It enables you to check the quality of sources and scenes in advance of streaming. Text, media, and desktop recording are all combined. Videos from various sources are recorded via webcam streaming, gaming, and spy screen recorders. Additionally, Multiview aids in viewing your creation.

Main Features

  • Internet live streaming and video and audio recording
  • There are numerous streaming providers, including Hitbox, DailyMotion, Twitch, CyberGame, and CashPlay.
  • Amazing Performance
  • Instinctive Options for Audio Mixer Configuration
  • Customizable Transition
  • Studio Mode Modular Dock interface
  • Multiview
  • Put actions on hotkeys.
  • Completely open-source and ad-free

Is Obs Studio Windows 7 download safe? 

Yes! As an open-source project, the program’s source code is available for anybody to examine and modify, allowing you to fully understand how it operates. All code modifications are vetted by other OBS contributors, ensuring that no dangerous code is included. If you download OBS from our page, you’ll get the most recent version that is malware-free and secure to use. OBS does not include any ads or attached software or adware, and it never requests money. If you’ve been requested to pay for OBS, you should request a refund or chargeback of the transaction because this is a scam.


OBS Classic is great software. It has a robust API that makes it possible to create plugins with additional customization and functionality tailored to your requirements. To obtain the functionality you require, collaborate with developers in the streaming industry. OBS has been completely redesigned to be even lighter and more effective than before.

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