Free WordPad Download (64-bit) for Windows

What is WordPad? 

Wordpad is one of the best text editing tools in the software world. Text in the WordPad text editor cannot be formatted in many ways, fancy fonts cannot be used, and functions cannot be used to organize data. Wordpad download is easy and simple. Read more for the information.

Key Features 

We’re probably discussing one of the greatest free basic text editors, if not the best. Simply because we can ensure that it is compatible with Microsoft’s files and formats make it worth downloading: 

  • Compatible document types include RTF (rich text format), PDF, TXT, DOC, and DOCX.
  • Open up the files on your local drive.
  • Text viewer for PDFs.
  • Simple Word file editing.
  • Printing capability.
  • Page divisions
  • Look for text chains and keywords.

Main Features 

  • Rich Text Editing – Use a straightforward text editor to create simple rich text documents that can be saved, modified, and shared with others. Despite lacking many of Microsoft Word’s features, WordPad nonetheless enables users to produce simple documents that can be saved or distributed to others.
  • Taking notes effectively – While attending a seminar, the office, or a university lecture, scribble down notes in Microsoft WordPad. Taking notes is simpler than ever thanks to the rich text editor.
  • Featuring its straightforward settings and features that make the writing process easier than ever.
  • Save, Share, and Collaborate – Save the WordPad Online notes in simple file types like.txt,.rtf, or.doc. Documents that have been saved can be shared with other users, kept on a hard disc, or transferred into Word to access further features.

Is Wordpad Safe to Use? 

Yes is the response. On our desktop computer and laptop running Windows 10 64-bit, we downloaded, installed, and tested the most recent version of the free Wordpad program. We discovered that it is 100% safe and secure and free of malware and viruses. 

Is Word Pad Free? 

Yes, you may use this offline Wordpad Download on your computer without having to log in or create an account. 

How To Download? 

  • Click on the download Button
  • Hold off till the installation. 
  • Execute the setup now. 
  • Enjoy the download.


You may easily generate an endless number of documents and notes using Wordpad Download. Making use of the built-in offline OCR engine, extract text from images. Redo and Undo in one simple click. Numerous Styles & Formatting Options. Make a separate list and include your favorite documents. You can use Deep Search Support to locate your document with just one word. Text to Speech engine with speed and pitch control, powerful Reader Mode for your notes.

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