Microsoft OneNote 16.66.1 For Windows 10 Free Download

What is Microsoft OneNote? 

A free digital note-taking tool called Microsoft OneNote can be used for information collection and teamwork. This program has note-taking, voice recording, screenshots, and other capabilities. Via the Internet, users can communicate with one another via messages. A program from the Microsoft Office family, this one. The OneNote app for Windows 10 is available without cost. It is a component of Office on the web and OneDrive and offers a web-based version as well. You can use this software offline and sync the work afterward, with the exception of the web version. 

Key Features 

  • It is freely downloadable. 
  • It utilises Windows 10. 
  • Your notebooks are stored in 5GB of cloud storage in the free version, which is accessible from anywhere. 
  • Your local device retains a cached copy of your notes. 
  • Any modifications you make will be updated and synchronized to the cloud when you have Internet access. 
  • You can handwrite notes and sketch or draw objects using it. 
  • At work, home, or school, it is simple to divide thoughts into parts and pages according to a theme. 
  • You can label to-do lists and follow-up items using tags. 
  • Mark key items or create your own labels. 
  • Use OneNote as a journal, notebook, or notepad.

Basic Features 

  • You can organize that significant occasion, and gather inspiration for new projects. ● Utilizing Office Lens, capture images of whiteboards, pictures, or printed papers for storage in your notes. 
  • Take a picture quickly, have it automatically crop it, then add it to your notes. ● Using effective organizational tools, you may quickly arrange your notes in a way that suits you the best. 
  • Pin the sites you use the most so you can easily find your most recent notes. ● Use touch ID to instantly access your password-protected notes. 
  • On the go, quickly capture your ideas and thoughts with vibrant sticky notes. ● To access your sticky notes from any location, on any device, at any time, sync them. ● Access your notes from any location at any time using any device by saving them to the cloud (OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint). 
  • Work together on a shared notebook in collaboration. 
  • Create stunning handwritten notes and drawings by experimenting with different pen settings and colors. 
  • With the “Convert to Shapes” mode, draw with assurance. 
  • Use OneNote as a sketchbook or write notes using a stylus or the touchscreen.

More Features 

  • Popular user groups have an accessible collection of SEN (Special Educational Needs) stickers in the area of the sticker. 
  • You can decide whether any links you embed should be automatically referenced at the footer of your note page when working on sourced work, university notes, and more.
  • The feed allows you to view all notes across all devices, including Sticky Notes, and displays any changes to all notes along with a description of the changes. 

How to Download and Install for Windows 10 

  • You may instantly download Microsoft OneNote for computers by visiting the program’s official download page and clicking the Download button. You can click the installation file to install the app for your computer after downloading it. 
  • As an alternative, you can search for the app by opening Microsoft Store or visiting the Microsoft Store website. To download OneNote for Windows 10 for your PC, go to the page and click the Get button. 
System Requirements 
  • Windows 10 version 15063.0 or higher 
  • Windows 10 Mobile version 15063.0 or higher


Microsoft OneNote is an electronic notebook that syncs and stores your notes for you as you work. Insert information from other applications and websites or type it directly into your notebook. Make handwritten or drawn notes about your thoughts. Use tags and highlighting for quick follow-up. Also included is 5GB of free storage.

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