Minitool Movie Maker Free Download for Windows

What is Minitool Movie Maker? 

A fantastic and potent free video program for your Windows PC is a minitool movie maker. Users are able to make, modify, and share videos. Without restrictions, make your fantastic videos! Without any prior knowledge of video design, anyone can produce videos using MiniTool MovieMaker’s user-friendly interface! 

Add titles, transitions, and effects after importing your files. You may rapidly make entertaining movies and movie trailers in the Hollywood style using Movie Maker. Select a design, add photographs and videos, store the fun movie on your PC, and then send it to your friends. a watermark-free, open-source desktop video editor. 

Key features: 

  • Free video editor without a watermark or bundle of adverts.
  • Contains a variety of cool video templates, such as ones for love, travel, and weddings.
  • Import audio, images, and video in a variety of formats.
  • Support for a variety of video filters, transitions, and animated text, etc. ● Create a slideshow with music and images.
  • You can quickly reverse and change the pace of the movie.
  • Video can be divided, edited, combined, rotated, etc.
  • The video should have animated end credits and titles.
  • Mute the background noise in the video, add music, modify the soundtrack, etc. ● Video can be exported in popular online video formats.
  • Modify the video bitrate, resolution, and quality.
  • Animated Elements feature (12 built-in + 21 online) recently introduced. ● Support for modifying animated elements (change duration, position, size).
  • New online resources for elements like transition, effect, text, and motion. ● Support adding text and animated components to up to 9 tracks. ● Bug repair for software that occasionally crashes.
  • 3 text tracks maximum.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Superior Waveforms.
  • Include fresh movie templates.
  • Support swapping out the audio and video in movie templates. ● New choices for video quality
  • Quicker export and import.

Detailed features: 

Realistic Photo Gallery 

By preserving treasured memories inside the 3D photo album, you may keep your memories alive. 

Mom and Dad, I love you 

You can create a video to express your affection for your parents with the aid of minitool movie maker. 

Our love story 

For occasions like Valentine’s Day, weddings, love letters, family photo albums, etc., make an animated greeting. 

Challenge yourself 

Make a recording of your narrative, edit it, and send it to your friends. 

Simple Timelines 

Make your videos into magical movies. 

Stunning Transition 

To keep your projects interesting and stylish, use cool transitions throughout the video. 

Studio-Quality Titles 

Your films should include gorgeously animated titles and credits, as well as animated subtitles.

Perfect Aesthetic 

Creative filters and expert 3D LUTs can alter the appearance of your film. Please refer to a colour adjustment for more specific information. 

Trim/Split Video 

It is a free video trimmer that makes it simple to divide lengthy recordings into smaller chunks or adjust the length of a clip in your timeline. 

How To Download? 

  • This software can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button.
  • Hold off till the installation.
  • Execute the setup now.
  • Enjoy, it’s done.


Regardless of their level of experience, anyone can make a beautiful movie using their own photos or videos with minitool movie maker, an easy-to-use video editing program. Cool movie templates are provided by MiniTool MovieMaker to assist users in quickly creating a movie. Add all of the video clips to the timeline now. You can split videos, add custom text, add transitions, effects, or background music.

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