Mozilla Firefox 48.0 32-bit Free Download for Windows

What is Mozilla Firefox? 

One of the most well-known browsers for Windows PCs and laptops is Mozilla Firefox. Despite having many features, Mozilla Foundation does not sacrifice speedy surfing or privacy controls. You can freely explore the Internet and do in-depth research using this multipurpose browser. Mozilla Firefox 48.0 32-bit for Windows 10 is a quicker and more effective tool when compared to the previous beta version. 

You can quickly locate a number of features, including downloads, add-ons and extensions, bookmarks, and history, thanks to its straightforward layout. A free and open-source browser is Mozilla Firefox. With a good UI and built-in capabilities, it is straightforward and simple to use. It has a thriving user base and is a well-liked browser among developers. On a multitude of devices, including desktops, mobile, and tablets, Firefox is accessible for download. 

Key Features 

  • Some of you have process separation activated.
  • More defense against hazardous downloads is needed, so roar! We have your back.
  • No add-ons will launch until they have been vetted and signed by Mozilla Firefox 48 32 bit
  • Fans of GNU/Linux: With quick Skia support, improve Canvas performance. Try saying that quickly three times.
  • Embetterments for WebRTC:
  • Delay-indifferent AEC enabled
  • Full duplex for ICE with GNU/Linux support Support for Restart & Update ● Now supported are MediaStream and MediaStreamTrack clones.
  • They developed incredibly clever icons to let Windows users know: Shift+F10 (pop-up menus) and Tab (move buttons) now function as they should in Firefox customization mode.
  • Rust has been used to rewrite the media parser, and Windows 7 PCs without Platform Update can now use D3D11 WARP.
  • Several security updates
  • Enhanced step debugging on the final function line
  • SSE2 CPU extensions will be necessary on Windows after version 48. ● Windows Remote Access Service modem

System Requirements 

  • Pentium 4 SSE2-capable or higher versions
  • 512MB of RAM 
  • 200MB of hard drive space is included..

How To Download? 

  • This software can be downloaded by clicking on Download Button. ● Hold off till the installation.
  • Execute the setup now.
  • Enjoy, it’s done.


Since Mozilla Firefox 48.0 32-bit doesn’t need much RAM on a desktop PC, it runs rather quickly like all the other capabilities in this software. It is one of the most practical browsers because you can quickly group your open tabs into collections and automatically prevent ad trackers. The Mozilla browser also combines the finest levels of speed, functionality, support for emerging Web standards, memory efficiency, and privacy safeguards.

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