Proteus Software Download 8.6.0 Free for Windows

What is proteus? 

Proteus is a program for circuit simulation and virtual system modeling. To enable the co-simulation of full microcontroller-based designs, the suite combines animated components, animated SPICE circuit simulation, and microprocessor models. Proteus software download can also replicate the communication between a microcontroller’s software and any linked analog or digital components. It mimics all of the peripherals found on each supported processor, including input/output ports, interrupts, timers, USARTs, and more. 

Proteus PCB Design offers a robust, integrated, and user-friendly package of tools for professional PCB Design by seamlessly fusing Schematic Capture and PCB layout. A brand-new flowchart engine and Proteus VSM simulation of the highest caliber are combined in Visual Designer for Arduino to create an incredibly seamless and user-friendly working environment. 

Being able to co-simulate both high-level and low-level micro-controller code in the context of a mixed-mode SPICE circuit simulation is a feature that the Proteus Design Suite offers that is completely exclusive. 

Key Features 

  • An efficient and useful application was created to make it simple for designers to build and test circuit boards.
  • Features a very clean UI with all the tools and commands required to create circuit boards.
  • The option for schematic capture will show all the devices and their connections.
  • The Source Code tab is where you can make fundamental changes to each component of the loaded project.
  • A simple-to-utilize tool.
  • Interface that’s simple but efficient.
  • Easy circuit design and schematic creation.
  • Creates a productive work environment.
  • VSM’s real-time design simulation.
  • Can use the ARES capability to route and change various components.
  •  Look at the various nuances of the circuits.
  • Import entirely distinct plan components from the internet.
  • Offers tools and advice for evaluating circuit sheets.
  • View and modify the various parts’ characteristics.
  • View the connections between each device.
  • Customize settings and a variety of subtleties.
  • Both completely new choices and the schematic chronicle style.
  • Supply code analysis and other such subtleties

Detailed Features 

Real-time Netlist 

Throughout the system, real-time network performance may be monitored and accessed. provides Reflective PCB Designer, BOM, and Explorer with real-time schematic editing capabilities. 

3D viewer 

The 3D Viewer may now run in multiple threads and is DirectX (and OpenGL) compliant. The real-time updating method and ARES updates will be reflected in the 3D viewer. 


New BOM module with output in PDF, HTML, and Excel. You may quickly and simply add data to reports using the new editor property grid. 


 Automate target firmware debugging and compiler configuration. 

How To Download? 

  • You can download this software by clicking on the Download button. 
  • Hold off till the installation.
  • Execute the setup now.
  • Your Software is ready to use.


Proteus software download is a powerful and comprehensive tool primarily developed to let developers easily create and test circuit boards. PCB creation is a very complex and specialized procedure that requires expert knowledge and a robust set of supporting tools to be accomplished effectively.

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