PSPad Free Download for Windows 10

PSPad is a popular freeware text editor and programming environment for Windows. It supports syntax highlighting for many programming languages and file types, and has features such as code folding, spell checking, and macro recording. PSPad Center 64-bit is a version of PSPad that is optimized for 64-bit Windows operating systems, and includes some additional features.

Key Features:

  • Project management tools: You can use the program to organize files and folders into projects, and quickly navigate between different parts of your codebase.
  • Code templates: PSPad includes a library of predefined code snippets that you can use to speed up your programming workflow.
  • Regular expression search and replace: This feature allows you to search for text patterns using regular expressions, which can be useful for complex search queries.
  • Unicode support: PSPad can handle Unicode text files, which allows you to work with text in languages other than English.
  • Code page conversion: The program can automatically convert text between different character encoding formats, which can be helpful when working with files that use different encoding standards.

How To Download? 

  • Click on Download Button.
  • Hold off till the installation.
  • Execute the setup now.
  • Enjoy, it’s done.


PSPad Center 64-bit is a powerful and versatile text editor that is well-suited for programmers and developers. Its support for multiple document interfaces, project management tools. And code templates make it an efficient tool for managing large projects. Its regular expression search and Unicode support make it a flexible option for working with text in multiple languages. If you are in need of a text editor for Windows, PS Pad Center 64-bit is definitely worth considering.

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