Samfirm Download (V3.3) For Windows

You can undo changes made to your phone or tablet after a jailbreak has been done with SamFirm, a free but out-of-date program. It was created for older Samsung Galaxy cellphones. Samfirm download can be done from our Website.

If you’ve experimented with various firmware releases or custom ROMs but have decided to go back to Samsung’s official firmware releases, using SamFirm can be useful.The tool is portable and a simple way to return to using official software in the future, especially if you’re upgrading and selling your current device. SamFirm only requires a few device-specific inputs before connecting to Samsung servers and downloading the appropriate device firmware.


  • Free to use and download;
  • Compatible with current iterations of Windows;
  • You can select the mobile device’s model to download firmware for Samsung smartphones; the firmware does not need to be installed in order to work.

Samfirm download Method

Firmware lookup

This application, like iPodWizard, doesn’t need to be installed or registered in order to use it. You can enter the model and region code of your mobile device right away after launch. You can switch on the matching option in the main menu to conduct a firmware search in automatic mode.

The app will establish a connection with the manufacturer’s official server after you click the Check Update button. In the event that your mobile device needs an update, the utility will urge you to begin the download.

  • Click the Download option to save the firmware you’ve found to your computer. Additionally, it is possible to learn about each item’s size, version, and connection speed.
  • Please be aware that every file you download has the ENC4 extension and is in an encrypted format. The option for automatic decryption is available. You must select the Decrypt automatically field in order to achieve it. The tool also enables you to confirm the firmware’s integrity and determine whether the checksum is accurate.
  • You can open the archive once the download is finished. Then, you must use the Odin3 program to flash your mobile device while it is connected to your computer.

Compliance and Licensing

SamFirm is a mobile phone tool available on Windows under a freeware license with no usage limitations. This PC program’s installation and download are both free, and the most recent version as of our last check was

Although there may be some variation in compatibility, either a 32-bit or 64-bit installation of Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP should work just well with this reverse root software. Separate versions may be available from zxz0O0 depending on the options available for downloading and the target system architecture.


SamFirm download is simple to operate. Only a few pieces of information regarding your device need to be entered. The application will then look up the previous software version on the official Samsung servers for you to download and reinstall. Even better, the Sam Firm software is available without charge. You can use the software to reset your Samsung mobile devices to their factory default settings wherever you are. Of course, in order for this program to function, the jailbreak must first be completed.

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