Smart PSS Download Free for Windows

What is Smart PSS? 

An all-in-one, fully-featured video surveillance program with smart pss download is perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses that need to keep an eye on employees, property, and assets. All Dahua network cameras and storage units are combined into a single, logical interface by SmartPSS. Effective device management, video monitoring and playback, alarm and analytic configuration, and video wall setup and preview are all features provided by the software. 

Key features: 

  • Management of Devices Effectively
  • Manage a maximum of 256 Channels and up to 64 Devices.
  • Control devices for access, video intercom, and time and attendance
  • Supports Dual video compression codecs for H.265 and H.264
  • Monitoring and Playback of Live Video
  • Create a layout and scheme for the video wall.
  • NVR Recording PTZ Camera Control Configuration
  • Intelligent Video System (IVS) with Heat Map and People Counting

Detailed features: 


It is simple to add devices to the administration interface with SmartPSS. To easily connect devices to a network, the application features batch add and device search functionality. After being added, SmartPSS offers a configuration interface for network settings, camera video and audio settings, and options for live and replay presentation. 

Smart Track 

For improved surveillance, SmartPSS provides the option to connect a fixed camera or a fisheye camera to a PTZ Dome camera. In the panoramic fisheye or fixed-camera scene, the software enables an operator to specify a rule (tripwire, zone, loitering, etc.) that causes the associated PTZ dome to move to the location of the alert and track the item. 

Fisheye Camera Support 

Dahua Fisheye cameras are fully supported by smart pss download. Eight (8) dewarp modes and choices for installing a fisheye camera are supported by the software. In both live and playback modes, dewarping eliminates the distortion in the circular panoramic image. 

Access and Video Intercom Control 

Directly from the user interface, SmartPSS provides the configuration and management of access, video intercom, and time and attendance devices. In addition to supporting two-way communication with video intercom devices, SmartPSS also provides attendance management, shift scheduling, and reporting for numerous time and attendance devices. 

Smart Search 

An operator can save time and resources by using Smart Search to define a specific area in the playback video to search for a motion detection event. 

Intelligent Video System (IVS)

 An analytical program called IVS provides intelligence functions to monitor a scene for intrusion detection, tripwire violations, and lost or missing things. SmartPSS also supports face detection technology, which recognizes human faces in digital photographs and then searches a database to find the person in the picture. This technology works in addition to scene analytics. 

Multi-language On-screen Display 

The OSD menu offers 34 language support in addition to numerous visual modifications and function settings to accommodate various monitoring scenarios. 

How To Download? 

  • Click on Download Button
  • Hold off till the installation.
  • Execute the setup now.
  • The software is ready to use.


IPC, DVR, NVR, NVS, and video wall controllers are supported by the video surveillance program smart pss download. You can set up motion detection alerts, examine and manage all device locations, and control 36-channel synchronized playback with ease using the program. It also allows you to handle up to 256 devices or 2000 channels.

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