Snagit Download (8.0) Free Download for Windows

What is Snagit? 

Snagit Download is a screen-capturing tool for Windows PCs that is simple, lightweight, and simple to use. You can pick choose a certain section of the screen to alter using this screen capture tool. It’s a great option for desktop screenshots for bloggers, filmmakers, journalists, meme makers, presenters, IT professionals, forum posters, and other users. 

Key Features 

  • Obtain editable text from screens that provide information about status panes, error messages, and file listings.
  • By printing to the Snagit printer from any program that can print, it is activated and captures an image of what is transmitted to the printer.
  • The management of acquired photographs is made simpler by Catalogue Browser, and you can use conversion filters on several image files at once. ● Its add-ins can help you save time.
  • It may add a useful toolbar to your Firefox Extension, Internet Explorer, Adobe Framemaker, and Microsoft Office programs.
  • Snagit Download offers a large variety of settings for the capture region’s shape.
  • With its filter feature, you may automatically create a number of edge effects, such as drop shadow, fade, and shredded paper.
  • You can save your captures and reuse particular combinations of capture settings.


Screen Draw 

When you’re recording a video, you may highlight significant information on your screen by adding arrows, squares, and step numbers in a variety of colors. 

All-in-One Capture 

A region, a window, the complete desktop, or a scrolling screen can all be captured.

Panoramic Scrolling Capture 

You can record a region, a window, the entire desktop, or a scrolling screen.

Share Anywhere 

Share using the programs you already use on a regular basis, like Slack, Teams, Dropbox, Google Drive, PowerPoint, Word, and many others. 

Grab Text 

Quickly copy the text from a screenshot or file into another document for editing. Copy information quickly without having to retype everything. 

Create Video from Images 

To make a short “how-to” film or GIF, talk and doodle over a number of screenshots.

Cloud Library 

When they are synced via the cloud service of your choice, you can easily find, open, and modify captures as you switch between Windows and Mac computers. 

Screen Recorder 

The screen recorder in Snagit enables you to rapidly record yourself following instructions. Or take individual frames from the movie that was captured. Your video file should be saved as an mp4 or animated GIF. 

Record Camera 

To add a personal touch with coworkers or clients, wherever they may be, record your screen or camera—or record them both at the same time using picture-in-picture. 

Record Audio 

Include audio in your videos from a microphone or the built-in speakers on your computer. 

Animated GIFs 

Any brief recording (.mp4) can be rapidly converted into an animated GIF and added to a website, document, or chat. Snagit offers pre-set and user-defined settings to produce the ideal GIF each and every time. 

Smart Move 

Make moving objects a default feature in your screenshots. Edit other items in your screenshots, such as text or buttons, or rearrange buttons.

Create from Templates 

Create visual documentation, tutorials, and training materials quickly by using pre-made layouts in Snagit. 


Keep all of your most important tools in one location. 

How To Download? 

  • This software can be downloaded by clicking on Download Button. ● Hold off till the installation.
  • Execute the setup now.
  • Enjoy, it’s done.


Snagit Download, a software that precisely captures your desktop screen, is unquestionably dependable, effective, and well-designed. You can start using the program right away because of the user-friendly design. You can make GIFs quickly because of their straightforward features and simple interface.

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