Typing Master Old Version Free Download for Windows

What is Typing Master? 

On a Windows PC, Typing Master Old Version is an easy-to-use, practical tool to increase typing speed. The software has a simple interface, and the intuitive platform uses a novel strategy to increase speed and accuracy by providing a variety of lessons and games in a fun way. It’s more entertaining and participatory than other tools of a similar nature. 

Key Features 

  • The learning-based software TypingMaster also enables a thorough performance analysis.
  • The typing exam can be completed in an Explorer-style window, but there is also a straightforward widget to monitor progress.
  • It provides specific details regarding keystrokes, errors, etc.
  • To help you increase your typing efficiency and accuracy, TypingMaster continuously provides suggestions and feedback.
  • You can concentrate on a variety of strengths and shortcomings using this application.
  • The application includes numerous modules for training in accuracy, timed tests, and other extensive materials.
  • Numerous options exist with TypingMaster for Windows to enhance your typing. ● The default version is cost-free.
  • You can track your typing abilities and keystrokes outside of the program’s UI using a function called “Satellite.”

How TypingMaster improves your typing? 

TypingMaster allows you to import data from multiple online typing trainers, unlike other apps of a similar nature. As a result, it is simpler to import an existing profile or create a new one and begin studying using interactive features. Games that offer useful practice modules for honing typing abilities incorporate Typing Master Old Version nicely. In 

addition, you can look at the many keyboard layout possibilities in the “Training Settings” area. 

Despite being a straightforward and straightforward typing tool, it has several interactive features for beginners. The software employs a novel strategy to assist users with learning modules. It includes several timed activities that make learning effective and entertaining. You won’t get bored easily with TypingMaster because it focuses on learning-based, entertaining, and practical practice exercises and exams. 

Although the typing tests are accurate, some users might be put off by the program’s archaic design. Having said that, the program accomplishes its goal of assisting you in strengthening your typing abilities. The development team frequently adds new features, removes errors, and upgrades existing features. 

How To Download? 

  • This software can be downloaded by clicking on Download Button.
  • Hold off till the installation.
  • Execute the setup now.
  • Enjoy, it’s done.


Typing Master Old Version is the best option for speeding up typing and helps to fasten the typing skills. It offers a thorough breakdown of your flaws and strengths and includes a variety of interactive games and courses. Although there are many typing programs available online, TypingMaster is not only easy to use but also has a number of features that other alternatives lack.

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