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An app called Wo mic can make your phone into a microphone. Then, using your device as a microphone, you can record sounds. With the help of this program, your phone effectively becomes a computer-compatible microphone. You won’t have to spend any money on a separate microphone this way. You have the option of utilizing the gadget wirelessly in addition to using the headphone jack. With the help of this software, you may utilize your smartphone as a wireless microphone for recording or voice control. Wo Mic Download can be done from our Website. You can use your phone as a wireless microphone.

The three parts of WO Mic are as follows:

WO Mic App 

A phone-based program. It records your voice using the phone’s microphone and sends it to a Windows computer.

WO Mic Client

A computer program. It establishes a connection with the app, gathers voice data, and sends it to a virtual microphone device.

Virtual Device for WO Mic

In kernel space, a computer also supports its operation. It receives voice information from a client program, acts as a fake microphone, and sends audio information to programmes like Sound Recorder.

The system will automatically create your WO Mic device after you install the drivers.Follow the following instructions.

  • Go to your device manager by selecting it from your pop-up menu.
  • then head over to your game controller, video controller, and sound controller.
  • The microphone device’s drivers ought to be listed.
  • You have a choice in how to move data between your devices for communication. Choose from Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi Direct, or Wi-Fi.
  • Open the WO Mic app on your phone, then go to settings to choose your preferred mode of transport.
  • Link up with the client.
  • After you’ve established a connection, you may test your streaming, and if it works, you can start using the microphone.


  • A cost-free wireless microphone
  • is compatible with all PC programs and functions like a real microphone.
  • Very little lag
  • Simple to set up and utilize
  • supports automatic reconnecting after a PC restart.
  • Support a variety of connection techniques: Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi
  • 48000 sampling rate, 16 bits per sample, mono channel audio format

How to use

Connect using the computer’s client.

  • Start the WO Mic Client
  • Click Connection -> Connect to begin.
  • Select the same transport in the transport window as you did on the phone in step 2

Hit “OK.”

  • You can select WO Mic as the microphone device if the client indicates that it is connected.

On the phone, launch the server

  • Start the phone’s app.
  • Select the intended mode of transport in the app’s settings. Leave all other settings alone.
  • Return to the main UI and select Start to launch the server.
  • If it asks for too many permissions, give this app on an Android device access to your microphone or audio recorder.


The ideal app for home recordings is WO Mic, which is less expensive than purchasing pricey recording equipment. You might also try Audacity, though. Do you want to download it? Yes. This app is for you whether you’re a budding artist or just having fun. It is simple to use and free.

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